friendsI am reminded of the importance of extended family and friends every day in my life, there are families who consider me as part of theirs and I am sure like me there are friends who consider me family in much the same way I count them as mine.

Through life I consider myself lucky enough to of made the best of friends, in a huge mixture of of differing groups, some location based, some religious based, some who do define themselves by there sexuality, some whom choose labels and some who do not. What this has taught me is to value those differences and value life, happy and sad, uncomfortable, comfortable and with joy and gratitude.

My friends do define me, in many ways, I care for them, I share my concerns and loves with them, I am honest with them at some of the worst and best times, I am forever loyal to them, they are me as I am them I hope. There is not a definition for any one type of friendship, any time you try to define any one friendship you and I will come up short.

In the hard times we support one another so that we can remember to live for the future, in the best of times we create memories that will hold us together for that future.

Friendship is a gift that can be given freely, but that is broken badly, it is the hardest of things to mend, and yet when fixed it can often be the strongest of bonds. We learn to love for many reasons, one is to help us see that we don’t have to agree about everything and that is okay, in fact our differences often add value to our friendships without us ever realising it.

I find strength through the friendships I have, part of that strength is also what helps me maintain my friendships. I use my strength to hold friends when they need holding, I use it to remind me sometimes it is the hardest thing to do, but we all need to have the ability to ask for help sometimes. I use it to share the uncomfortable things that life throws our way, and I feel the strength from those around me every day.

Call me a sentimental fool but for me friendship is love, and love is friendship.