I have a passion for improving things for charities and non-for-profits, this is my life and I mean that sometimes to my own detriment. I am getting better though as switch off between work and life, although sometimes there is a bit of a crossover as I will volunteer for roles that are close to what I do in work.

Often these volunteer roles also fulfil another need for me too, a good example is who I am currently volunteering for Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) as when i do I get to go to one of their sites and also speak to people face to face, something I don’t get to do in my work life very often at the moment, Zoom is just not the same.

I still love policy, and governance and am doing this on both sides of the fence (work/life). I am also doing little bits of freelancing here and there but mostly for things that interest me.

2024 has been a difficult year with 3 friends dying is close proximity to each other (basically since December) all young, all disabled and all close friends, I can only hope the next six months bring a little more joy. I am sure it will be a year of change.

My love of hats persists.