2016 and my hopes…

A new year which does not just consist of promises that I won’t manage to keep. So no one knows what 2016 will bring but I have some hopes:

  • I hope that I shall remain happy.
  • I hope that I will weight less at the end of 2016 that what I do at the beginning (last year I lost 25lbs).
  • I hope that I achieve one or two other bits and pieces throughout the year.
  • I hope that I will give joy, my time and love to my friends, communities and society in the coming year.
  • I hope to see more of my friends in this coming year.

I look forward to the coming year, but do not make promises that I can not keep, I hope that I give more than I gain. Of course there are a few things I will keep doing like fighting trident (the vote to renew it is coming up), I will keep fighting for equal rights, and I will continue to give my time to worthy causes. Again these do not feel like promises as such as they are life choices for me.

I measure the wealth in my life by those around me, my friends and family mean the world to me, I hope to continue to be as lucky as I am to have them around me.