A New Year

My year of silence has been a year of anything but silent, apart from here. I made a conscious decision not to blog for a year on here as I did not want to rant about the political position my country finds itself in as a result of the very disappointing vote on Brexit.

This year has been full of both joy and sadness, but on the whole, I am happier than I have been for a while.

Much of the year was spent working, although thankfully even my working situation has changed this year. In November I started a new job for a Digital Marketing and Website company (Made by Factory) a move that has brought joy and challenges already. I am immensely thankful for my previous job, Topline Systems gave me a job when I really needed a job, after I had been made redundant by YFGM in 2013.

This year has featured some contemplative thought, some from my faith and some from having to let go of emotions and friends who have passed on. My faith is as always tested, this year I have been to church more than I have been to Meeting for Worship, even though when I do find myself at meeting it is more of a home to me than church.

Being a Quaker has been hard for me for the past two or three years, I would say that I have contributed my time on committees and as a Trustee since becoming a member, but I have made the decision you have year off from Quaker responsibilities in 2019, as I have been on either a Trustee body or committee for the Quakers every year for the last 23 years or so.

I have served for the past six and half years as a Trustee for the Friend which has been a privilege, I know I am taking friendships with me as well as a deep sense of responsibility towards people who dedicate their lives to working for Quaker organisations.

I have spent time this year sharing my life with friends and family, there have been meals out and in, there have been board games evenings, birthday’s, events, holidays and even a couple of weddings.

Life has also this year been filled with WordPress related things, mostly related to community events including the Manchester WordCamp that I was lead organiser of this year with a very special team of volunteers.

I have been asked to help run the local group (MWUG), which I am of course feeling pleased about, but also hope to attend more WordCamp’s this year as they are not only filled with informative talks but often bring new connections and friends.

My 2019 is already starting from a positive place, I spend New Year’s Eve with friends playing games, even an enlightening game of monopoly. Friends, family and new connections look like they will be a large part of the year to come.

And even though I am sceptical about the political situation my country finds itself in, I can only really look forward to a year filled with new connections, more events with friends and family and hopefully more positivity to come.