Adding to the Hats

I have been hanging out with freelancers for too long, or have I? I believe I will be going freelance within the next couple of months or so. This for me is a surprise as I have always assumed that I wanted the security of a salaried job.

I have bought a domain name (coming soon), something that represents me, the multi-disciplined me. I have been consulting for charities, companies and individuals in my spare time for a long time, but now it seems to be becoming a career of sorts.

The Black Book

I have always been known as the person with a black book of contacts, be it for a gin company looking for a web designer, needing a copywriter at short notice, a plasterer in London… the list goes on, but now those connections mean I am able to try something new for me. I have already started, project managing and working with other freelancers to build or produce projects with clients.

I am not just a project manager, I never have been. I like people, I love the complexities of organisations and helping them spec out projects, these are skills I will be getting paid for. And this realisation has turned me in a new direction, so although I have looked for security in a salaried job, and may well continue to do so in part-time roles, I will also be seeking to offer my life experience and services to help for-profit, not-for-profit organisations and individuals with their work.

Roles or Job Titles

I don’t have a job title and this is not a negative thing, it is because explaining all the things I can do takes more than a business card or ride in an elevator. Some of the hats I have worn however follow:

  • Project manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • WordPress’er
  • Operations Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Events/conference Planner
  • General Administration Manager
  • Black Book Keeper
  • Editor
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Director
  • Media consultant
  • Connector
  • Charity Trustee
  • Data Protection geek
  • etc

So Now What

So this is quite a long list, but there are things that are not on it, not because I won’t do them but because sometimes a conversation will do a better job of explaining who I work with and what I can do, I am a people person, if you want to know more speak to me. Or more importantly, look out for a further announcement of a new website and the launch of a new exciting Hugo.