Non-Story Stories

I am a little fed up of news stories that report a non-story as news, this week it has been about Pope John Paul the Second and his friendship with Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka a Polish-born American philosopher apparently. I understand that getting to see into the life of a Pope is rare, and it is exciting to an extent that there are unseen letters, but there is a part of me that sees this story as ‘Man has friendship with Woman, and has no sex’ why is this still unbelievable? Many of my most intermit friendships are with women and they also do not involve sex.

For some reason we have all been transported back to a time when they only reason a man might form a friendship with a woman or a woman with a man is in the vague hope of getting a marriage out of it… I am finding the news coverage of this story really annoying.

I could go into this a bit deeper but quite honestly if this was a story it should of been something like, “Personal letters of Pope John Paul II found” instead of focusing on anything else, it is just frustrating that these days we seem so intent on finding the sex/scandal in everything.