Some thoughts on Violence

Violence does not solve anything, we seem to be facing terror attack after terror attack at the moment. The extremists win every time we respond to an attack with another attack. As a society we as a whole are better than we think, just look at the positive responses after attacks with emergency services and people putting themselves in harms way to help anyone who needed help.

The news is plagued with scary news that seems to up the fear rather than report the facts and it worries me that we will now allow the government to violate human rights just because we are all to scared to point out, that stopping a very small number of extremists be they Muslim or not is almost always impossible or at least very difficult. However much encrypted information is hard to monitor we still have the right to use it, and in fact it is needed, there will always be those who abuse communication but lets not forget it is not just tourists or criminals, just look at the phone hacking scandals of recent years, along with social media being used to bully people. There will always be extreme examples of abuse, but take into account that positive news is really

“If you can, help others; if you cannot do that at least do not harm them” Dalai Lama

The attacks in London and Manchester for me do show that we as a country are doing fairly well at  gun control, this situation would be worsened by the availability of weapons that the States has for example. I was angered by the number of American people on Twitter I saw, who said ‘this is why we have guns’, they fail to take into account that when weapons are so readily available, gun violence as a whole is far higher too.

Violence is not an answer for many reasons, I have been amused (but not really) about the complaints about immigration in this country especially from the countries we have either bombed or supplied munitions to alternative forces. When you bomb someones home they become a refugee, we have been terrible in the UK at taking in refugees and yet we are largely responsible for creating many of them through weapon sales and direct conflict. When will we learn, apparently we won’t.

I know I am a left wing idealist but selling death is not an answer, and yet our weapons industry is doing very well out of it, according to the Independent (2016) we became the worlds second biggest weapons Arms dealer, what is wrong with our society.

To be fair these are just random thoughts popping out of my head as a type which I guess is why this post has very much been cobbled together in a odd way, but I am fed up with our government choosing to defy human rights or in fact choosing violence as an answer to these terror attacks we have been suffering. More often than not the result of our violent counterstrikes injure civilians or in fact de-home them, the hard liners who seem to be condoning bomb attacks as answers, seem also to be the people who are anti-immigration (possibly they need to look at what they cause to happen, when they make a home disappear).

I am I know just ranting about the use of violence, but it is more than that, bad things will happen but maybe just once in a while it would be good if instead of resorting to an eye for an eye tactics we should try a little more conversation, education, understanding and above all remember that we are all people with the ability to love, I am not saying that we can all love each other, but being able to see that of love in each other allows us to see beauty even just a little bit.