Airport Smells and Bells

If you are as allergic to random smelly things, you will probably have the same reaction I have to the duty free section of an airport. Firstly everyone always says that you can avoid it, but this is hardly ever true, as there is a snaking path through which ineffably will at some point make it hard to see the exit. I just want a corridor that goes from A to B; without the need for antihistamines, and as far as I can tell this is an impossible task without becoming flight crew.

On the plus side duty free will begin to mean something after Brexit, but I do think that is a very slim positive to that situation too. So maybe I just have to find a way to make a positive out of this ‘god awful’ section within an airport. It is possible that it filters out the people who like these kind of things meaning that if you arrive early like me (in this case 3 and bit hours early) you are guaranteed a good seat in a quiet corner of the airport where you hotspot you laptop and write a small insignificant post, that makes you sound like grumbling middle-aged man traveling on his own to summer climbs.