Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue…

So I am not talking weddings here, but for some reason this phrase did pop into my head when looking at web blogs and magazines I enjoy on the subject of food. I suppose food blogs are nothing new, we have moved from paper to the web without ever really noticing (bar the fact that we use technology to do it), or at least I have not noticed that much.

Something old for me are the GoodHouseKeeping magazines that I have, some to me are new, however for the most part they are from 15+ years ago, I never bought one that was not old, in fact most of the ones I own are from Doctor surgeries (I did ask permission before wondering off with them). For the most part I only picked them up for a recipe that I wanted to try. I have for the past 3 weeks been slowly getting rid of them and writing the recipes into a notebook in the vague hope that I can reduce the amount of paper and increase the storage space I have in my house.

Something new, well after saying that I do still read cookery magazines while traveling to and from work every week, at the moment I tend to buy 2/3 magazines (Olive and Delicious plus one other) a month, to me this is a bit of a pointless excise as I don’t actually get round to making things from them that often. Of course I do like to read about food so I guess it is not that pointless. That is not my only new thing as I also do read food blogs while at home and on the odd occasion during my lunch break. Speaking of which this weekend I made the naan recipe from the site (22 Jan) they were excellent, I did not make the keema instead opting for a made up on the spot butternut squash curry, it was yum.

Something borrowed, well I do borrow cook books from time to time, I also lend them out, if I really like the book I borrow I will probably buy it. This happened when I borrowed Yotam Ottolenghi’s book ‘Plenty’ from a friend, I found that over the month in which I borrowed it, my meat consumption dropped dramatically and in fact I cooked about 12 things from the book, and am still doing so now months later when friends come and eat. A lot of my friends are vegan or vegetarian and so it has always been important to me to cook something we can all eat instead of catering just for their needs, vegan and vegetarian food still has the ability to surprise and amaze me.

Something blue… well I have always wondered why the raspberry ice crush drinks are blue, but I guess it is because the other choice is almost always something else that would be red (cherry, strawberry etc.).

Music of the day: Joe Stummer & The Mescaleros – Streetcore