An introduction… again.

I have started an online course about blogging in the hope that it might encourage me to post a bit more, although it seems to be aimed at encouraging people who are just starting out it seemed like a good idea to try something new.

An introduction to me, I suspect I should post a picture of myself, I am aware that I tend to be the person behind the camera normally which lets me hide myself. I am Hugo.



I have been blogging online for a little over 17 years although I started out on LJ (Livejournal) when I discovered WordPress I felt it might be good to start again with a bit clearer goals as my posts before were pretty much a diary rather than anything else. I do still write about random things that I either experienced or want to say, but I try to be a bit more subjective, unless it is something very personal to me.

I have a love of food and that will always come through, and I also love photography although I often will be just as happy to just have a post full of recent pictures, I tend to forget that I can just add photo’s to posts themselves.

I am aware that I am now a bit more connected to the people who do read my posts as they go out on my Facebook and Twitter feeds although I suspect it is mostly friends who read my posts, I don’t really write for them specifically, I write for me really, in the mild hope that I might get better at writing as well as conveying my genuine opinion in an accessible way for others to understand.

When I first started blogging I often had the inner dialogue going on that we have all become accustomed to hearing/seeing in films and TV shows today, I found it hard to not have a Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) voice saying something stupid that ended up as a question that I needed to answer by the end of my blog entry, these days I recognise my voice but just try to keep a context to what I either write about or try to be a better editor of my own work. Also my posts these days tend to be less of a personal journal and more specific, I still keep a journal but it is more private. I do write off-line before posting directly onto a blog mostly so I can avoid silly spelling mistakes.

I have always been unconfident about my writing ability I suspect this is really just something I feel having grown up as a person with dyslexia, although I also suspect being dyslexic is a strength for me as I try to make my writing accessible, although my grammar is often a bit rubbish.

So I hope to blog successfully throughout the coming year using this course but also my normal added posts I am aware the last target I set for myself was to post once a month, which I was just about managing.