Day 2: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

The funny thing about doing a course is that they encourage you to do things you don’t really want or need to do. The title of my blog is my domain name, which I am happy with as it tells people where they are, and my tagline is ‘Hugo FL Finley’ which is my name. I think it is fairly obviously my blog as a result I don’t really want to change anything. I have decided to stop linking these posts to my FB and Twitter, just because I don’t really want to spam my friend needlessly with things they can choose to read if they want to. I suspect if something comes along and is interesting enough I might post it manually.

I am not completely new to WordPress, I am sure that shows. To be fair I am helping run a WordCamp in October which for those of you who don’t know is a WordPress conference. I am also the ‘WordPress Guy’ at my work, although in the two years I have worked there, the only site I have worked on is the company site, which is a little disappointing considering it was one of the reasons I was employed with by this IT company, thankfully there are other projects I do get to contribute to.

Back to the subject: I do have a tendency to go off on one from time to time. I am reading other peoples blogs while doing this course and I notice that today’s task is one that most people feel they have already achieved an example would be wordscoffeeandlacedresses site, I am reading about 30 posts a day by other people which is interesting too. Maybe I am being a bit precious with my tagline because it is my name, I do tend to over think things, and I am aware that it really is only a name and not a description in anyway. My mirror site is called ‘Unconscious Decisions‘ and the tagline is ‘Yet another unmade decision’ which was how I was feeling a few years ago, kind of adrift without purpose. I suspect that says more about me than my name but at the very least my name will continue to identify me to the outside world.