Cereal Killer

I am a Cereal killer, I buy some from time to time, go through a phase of having it for 3-4 months and then just dramatically stop eating cereal altogether and then it goes stale before I manage to go through the cycle again. This is more an issue as people keep reminding me that breakfast is the most import meal of the day, and when I stop I tend to have a gap of not having breakfast at all and then start just eating left overs instead of something sensible. Weight Watchers try to remind you that you should eat 3 meals a day, but who wants to be reminded by them.

Over the last 6 years I have been spoilt as I will always have one or two breakfasts away which means a full English or when I am feeling like I need to be good a couple of poached eggs on toast. But who has the time for this, well to be honest I do but I would prefer to read my email than to cook breakfast. So yes I am a geek, but it is time that I start to get into a pattern of eating breakfast in one way or another every day.

This morning I had Cheerios which if you are me, seems to be frowned on as they are made by Nestle and the more discerning people (in my life many Quakers and vegans) who have given up Nestle products because of their milk and other practices will look down your noses at me (to be quite honest who has the time to not eat food by dishonest food companies, but this is another post for the future). Anyway, I had Cheerios and I bought the family box, as it lasts longer and also I tend to have some if I am feeling a bit peckish at other times during the day.

But maybe, rather than planning on having the same breakfast every day I should reintroduce variety into my life and try to have at least 2 or 3 different breakfasts a week, tomorrow I suspect it will be cereal but maybe with some fruit or yoghurt just to spice my life up, of course it will be an early breakfast as I have to be in Birmingham at 11am for a committee meeting, which means tonight I will also be making a packed lunch.

It is only 11am and I am already feeling a little peckish, I suspect it is because I ate breakfast this more at 6am, I don’t have to be up this early, I am just an early riser.

My packed lunch is likely to be simple roast vegetables with couscous, with some sort of made up dressing.