Crumpets and Marmite for Breakfast

So yes I am a Marmite lover, I guess its advertising is one of the few that is correct you either love it or hate it. Even when I was not much of a fan (I was converted), I used Marmite as a cooking ingredient, it is good in beef stew or for that matter mushroom stew, I tend to add only a heaped teaspoon.

For some unknown reason I now think of hugs whenever I think of Marmite, I suspect it is mostly because I was converted by a bunch of Quakers at a Young Friends General Meeting Gathering (YFGM: I currently work for them), also at the end of their events people contribute a small amount to take away left over food, and for years I used to contribute and take off with the leftover Marmite, thus it was kind of a shock going out ant buying a jar the other day, I guess the shock was also because I ran out in the first place.

Love it or Hate it… everyone deserves a hug.


These things seem to be becoming really popular… It does not seem to make sense but I guess it is a way of working out just how geeky everyone is.