Hello World!

So you always have to have a first post, and this will be mine, with the borrowed title from WordPress as I have found a love for their ways of doing things. If I am being honest I should say our way of doing things as I feel part of the WordPress community now in body and spirit. I do attend the Manchester WordPress user group.

This post reminds me a little of me knocking on doors when I first moved into my neighbourhood and attempting to introduce myself, in some cases people don’t want me knocking on their door, neighbours who seemed generally hostile when confronted with someone introducing themselves saying they believed in the power of community and in other cases I would hope there are people out there who like some of my neighbours who said how nice it was to meet me.

So I am Hugo, I like WordPress, Quakers, cooking, twitter, wine, board games, communities, faith, food, odd quotes from here and there, blogging, usability, festivals, geeks, and any number of other things. From time to time I hope I will be posting about these things as I come across them.

I will tag posts, and even add a category from time to time (I have renamed uncategorised to stuff, as this seemed an appropriate rename for everything else). I still find it odd when people don’t rename there¬†uncategorised posts for some reason, I suspect it is because this will now be the most common type of post online.

I am importing all my posts here slowly so they are in one place, so it might feel a little confusing to start with.